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History of the company's establishment and growth.

Tersus Services, founded on September 8, 2011, emerged from the visionary dream of Chairman Bryan Luoma, with the aim of showcasing the exceptional talent of Filipino professionals on a global scale. Initially, it commenced operations with a single client during its initial weeks. Within a span of one year, Cadsourcing, now known as Tersus Services, extended its reach to serve around 10 clients. The company introduced four specialized divisions - General Drafting, Surveying, Telecommunications, and Architecture - each catering to diverse industry requirements. This marked the beginning of Tersus Services' progressive journey.

Between 2014 and 2016, the company entered a phase of expansion, leading to the acquisition of a new office space in Dumlog, Talisay City. This strategic move brought the company closer to the city and facilitated its growth trajectory.

In 2017, as part of its ongoing expansion efforts, Tersus Services established its inaugural office at The Greenery in Cebu City. This move not only supported the company's expansion but also provided workspace for 50 full-time employees.

Demonstrating its unwavering commitment to exceptional service, Tersus Services exhibited resilience during the global COVID-19 pandemic. By swiftly implementing a productive work-from-home setup, the company not only assisted its clients in sustaining their operations but also generated strategic opportunities for business growth. Simultaneously, Tersus Services relocated to a new office within Ayala Center Cebu Tower to accommodate its burgeoning teams and expanded service offerings.

Continuing its dedication to refining systems and processes as it navigates the post-pandemic landscape, Tersus Services bolstered its teams to provide comprehensive support across diverse industries. This commitment to excellence paved the way for further growth prospects. The company's headquarters subsequently moved to a spacious and vibrant setting in the 1Nito Tower, boasting over 2,000 square meters of customized space and tailored amenities.

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