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Tersus History

Founded in 2011, Tersus Services brings together industry veterans driven by a commitment to redefine the utility industry. At the helm as Chairman, Bryan Luoma joins forces with esteemed colleagues Stephen Shafer, Bob Morphew, and JC Evans.

Our Advantage

Committed to Excellence

With a collective tenure spanning over 150 years in the Utility Industry, our Tersus Services leadership team focuses on providing detailed attention, on-time delivery, improved ROI, unwavering ethics, and strong client partnerships.


Our agile team of servant leaders share the mission of prioritizing each-and-every Partner by delivering prompt responses and hands-on dedication, with unyielding safety and quality. Central to our ethos is a far-reaching network interwoven within the industry, enabling Tersus to readily assemble an expert team of professionals tailored to your project scope and magnitude.


This intentional design positions Tersus as the client-centric partner committed to excellence without compromise.

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