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Tersus and Ritter Communications: Empowering Arkansas with High-Speed Internet

In a momentous event that promises to reshape the digital landscape of Arkansas, Tersus and RightFiber by Ritter Communications joined forces last June 12, 2023 (Monday) in the groundbreaking ceremony for the installation of fiber optic cables in Rogers, Arkansas. This collaboration marks a significant step towards providing high-speed internet to communities across the state.

A Groundbreaking Partnership

Tersus and Ritter Communications share a common vision: to empower individuals, businesses, and other institutions with fast and reliable internet access. With the rapid advancement of technology, access to high-speed internet has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Recognizing this need, Tersus is thrilled to support Ritter Communications in their mission to bridge the digital divide in Arkansas, and deliver cutting-edge telecom infrastructure and exceptional services to the region.

Through this partnership which started in the first week of April this year, 30 miles of fiber optic cables will be installed, providing up to 5 gigabytes of internet speed to 3264 homes in Arkansas within 3 months.

Tersus Support from 0 to 100

Tersus, known for its expertise and comprehensive services in the telecom construction industry, stands alongside Ritter Communications as a reliable partner. Led by CEO Bryan Luoma and EVPs Stephen Shafer and Clarence Rivera, Tersus possesses a wealth of experience and dedicated teams capable of providing a full spectrum of engineering and construction services to ensure the success of every telecom project.

Among them are:

  • Construction management, ensuring efficient project progress and adherence to high-quality standards;

  • Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) to install fiber optic cables with minimal disruption;

  • Aerial construction that leverages state-of-the-art drone technology for faster, more efficient surveying;

  • Plowing and trenching using methods that expedite deployment while preserving the surrounding environment;

  • Restoration, which includes minimizing any disruptions caused during installation processes;

  • Fiber optic installation and splicing to deliver the best telecommunication performance; and

  • Inspection, done throughout the project timeline, to ensure the application of stringent quality control measures that will deliver reliable and future-proof networks.

Upscaling Arkansas' Digital Future

As Tersus and Ritter Communications embark on this project, it's worth noting the wider implications it holds for Arkansas. The deployment of fiber optic cables will unleash the potential of the region, empowering businesses to thrive, individuals to connect effortlessly, and institutions to embrace digital opportunities. This venture promises to revolutionize the way Arkansans live, work, and connect with the world.

The groundbreaking ceremony between Tersus and Ritter Communications signifies the beginning of a transformative era for Arkansas. Together, Tersus and Ritter Communications are paving the way for a future where connectivity knows no bounds, empowering Arkansas with the tools to thrive in the digital age.

(Want to experience engineering excellence in your next project? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Tersus.)

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